Stranton Academy Trust

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Trust Governance structure

The Stranton Academy Trust is made up of 3 Schools:

Stranton Primary
Eskdale Academy
Jesmond Gardens Primary School

Trust Board

Stranton Primary

Governing Body

Eskdale Academy

Governing Body

Jesmond Gardens

Governing Body

Stranton Mat 2017-18
Stranton Mat 2017-18 Committees 

The Trust Board is made up of 10 Directors:

Executive Director and Member |
Mr Peter Hart

Director and Member |
Mr Michael Sumpter

Director and Member / Chair of Governors of Stranton Primary School | 
Mr Peter Ingham

CEO / Executive Headteacher of Trust | 
Mr Neil Nottingham

Trustees |
Dr Shirley- Anne Paul
Mrs Gillian Danby
Mr Alan Clark
Mrs Sandra Saint
Mr Peter Gowland
Mrs Gillian Slimings

Finance Director ( Advisor to the Board)
Mrs Kirsty Whitehouse

Educational Advisor to the Board (S.I.P)
Mrs Catherine Hayes